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Pay us and we will take your online class

Pay us and we will take your online class, complete your Homework or will do Online Exams on your behalf. Our professionals are Expert students! We ACE your exams, quizzes, papers and even entire classes to get you the grades you ever think of.

Yes! it’s absolutely safe to hire someone for your online class. Paid VPN service use to have the IP-address nearer to student location – to avoid geo-violation flag raising during remote logins. We understand the importance of privacy so we keep it safe with us.

After submitting the details, our expert login through student portal, mark all deadlines in our project management system and assign the course to subject specialist. Once subject specialist accepts the course, you will receive the welcome email from account manager who will act as a communication bridge between you and your subject-specialist.
Typically, you will see the results within 1-2 working days. If you have any deadlines the day of or the day after signing up, make sure to let us know!

We have round a clock “Centralized Communication Unit” that acts as a bridge between subject-specialist. You can contact anytime with your subject-specialist at or WhatsApp/call @ +1-480-999-1011.

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Generally, we take at-least 24 hours’ prior notice to evaluate the task and subject-specialist assignment. But if anything is due tonight, call us @ +1-480-999-1011 and we ensure to meet your deadline by assigning extra resources that cost you $20 extra.

Each subject is priced separately based on following indicators:
• Subject type and level of difficulty
• Number of Proctor Exams involved
• Course duration (number of weeks)
• Discussion board postings and replies
• Amount of work involved (number of exams, quizzes, homework’s, etc.)
*Please have a basic understanding of your course and the work it entails before calling us.

We have a huge team of subject-specialists that cover all domains of study. Usually each semester has 4 to 5 active courses, for each course we assign a different tutor that make a team of 4 to 5 tutors/subject-specialist headed by an account manager.
Definitely, for a package deal we have special discount i.e. 10%on whole amount.

We never compromise on quality of work, so we hire the best subject-specialist from different countries mostly from USA. We usually assign the subject-specialist from same country. But if course is needed to handle by best of best but reside in different location, we use payed VPN service to have local IP-address near to client location.

Yes! If the total amount is higher than $550, you may pay it in multiple installments. 50% of total amount need to pay in advance and remaining 50% can be payable in 2-3 different installments with little interest on remaining amount.

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What Make us different from Others

  • We provide the services within your budget range even can broke it in multiple easy installments.
  • Our Expert Tutor are highly trained and experienced to ensure top-notch services considering strict citation rules of most prestigious American Universities – No Plagiarism, 100% original content.
  • We have zero tolerance on privacy and work ethics compromising – documented in Helping tutor bible. Who let us down – No longer needed. Super Straight!!!
  • We have versatile team across the globe, we assign tutor close to your vicinity – Domestic Login Assurance!!! To keep you safe from being flagged by your institution.
  •  To put your mind at ease, we are available 24/7 for random questions, updates and last minutes assignments. Call/WhatsApp us to take your online class for you at: +1-(480)-999-1011 or for instant response/quote emails us at:
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